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Historic Preservation

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Whether protecting a structure’s historic significance, integrating modern technology into an antiquated facility or meticulously restoring a building’s fragile façade, C&J Hunt Construction Services understands the careful planning, coordination, and attention to detail that is required to restore historic buildings original grandeur.

Our attention to detail, care, respect and craftsmanship are what our clients count on when choosing C&J Hunt Construction Services. We meticulously plan the work and if we’re presented with unusual challenges, such as walls out of plumb, outdated wiring and plumbing and moldings or floor boards that are difficult to match, we have the experience to provide creative solutions.

C&J Hunt Construction Services enjoy the challenges of historic renovations. Most of all, we enjoy the opportunity to preserve our area’s fine old homes through thoughtful renovations for modern lifestyles and leaving our customers satisfied.

Our subsidiary, Saltwater Woodworks, specializes in reclaimed and antiqued woods. Allowing us to provide restoration, antique and reclaimed flooring and furniture.